Residential And Commercial Fencing

Peoria Fencing Experts

Residential Fencing
When it comes time to add a fence to your home, there are a lot of options that can be overwhelming if you are unsure about what direction you want to take. The first thing our team will need to understand is what you want the fence to do. If you are looking to prevent unwanted access and keep pets and children safely contained or safe from a swimming pool, you will want a different fence than if you are looking to enhance the appearance of your home.
The second thing is if you are looking for a specific look. It will determine if we use a decorative steel fence or a tall wooden privacy fence.
We, at Peoria Fencing Experts, strive for total customer satisfaction which, is why you will work with one of our fence installers to choose the perfect fencing for your home. 

What We Do

  • An ornamental fence to improve the look of your home
  • A picket or privacy fence, which can be made from wood or even vinyl, to keep prying eyes out of your back yard
  • A gate to prevent unsolicited access, any specialty fencing for unique applications, or a chain-link fence to keep your pets contained.

Our team is here to help you decide on the best material and appearance for your fence. 

Commercial Fencing
Commercial fences add visual appeal as well as protection for businesses, schools, government buildings, and any other location that is not a residence. Along with a gate, fences act as barriers to add perimeter security for your property or guide customers and visitors to the entrance of a location, and a quality commercial fence is necessary for any business.
Our experts can help you determine the best type of fence for your location, whether that is a steel fence with decorative gates or a high strength chain link fence for the perimeter. We can create any size fence enclosure for your property, whether it is for a dumpster or a full-sized farm.
We also have temporary fencing options available for closing off sections during construction or if there is an accident. 

Our Speciality
Since 2000, Peoria Fencing Experts has provided quality fencing professional installation. We specialize in residential & commercial fencing of all types, from traditional wood or vinyl to custom metal ornamental and even temporary fencing options.
With our personalized service and years of experience, we will propose, design, and implement the perfect fit for your fencing needs. Our reputation speaks for itself. 

Warranties & Repairs
At Peoria Fencing Experts, we stand by our work and materials. We offer full fence installations and repairs of Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood, and Chain Link materials. Please contact us for details. 

Why Choose Us?
Since 2000, Peoria Fencing Experts has been providing customers with outdoor living products designed for ultimate performance and style. With our personalized services, the professionals at Peoria Fencing Experts will surpass your expectations. All projects with Peoria Fencing Experts include a fence consultant who will manage your installation from start to finish. Whether it is a full installation, repair, or replacement of an existing fence, our quality of service never changes.